too weird to live
i am Julia. a socially awkward asexual 16 year old girl who reblogs random shit and bands.
bands and tumblr have ruined my so called "life" that i never had.
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all i want in life is to go to concerts and have good eyebrows

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captain rum is so important to me. he honestly thought captain rum was a thing. he said it like ‘oh duh of course captain rum’ like we’ve all heard of captain rum. like captain rum wouldn’t be a completely fucking stupid idea if it did exist. he believed so much in captain rum.

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follow my polymer clay account i just made!

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all time low are literally 5 minutes away from where i am right now im sweating

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ok thanks
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why am i still on this site its literally me looking at the same pictures 20 times and then clicking a button so other people can look at the same pictures 20 times

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